Resident Participation

Residents know their buildings better than anyone.   Castle Square residents have been involved in a series of green design charrettes.  With over 150 residents attending green design charrettes, green building goals have been prioritized.  The top interests of residents include 1) resolving poor ventilation and indoor air quality, and 2) improving thermal comfort, all of which will be satisfied by the Deep Energy Retrofit.  Residents were also surveyed to better understand their specific indoor air quality, thermal comfort issues, and health issues experienced in various portions of the building.

Residents have also been very active in design and construction meetings, advocating for a green scope of work.  The resident composed Board of Directors and a Resident Construction Committee attended weekly design meetings with the rest of the design, development, and construction team.  Castle Square Youth Counsel has also been very active in green design.

Resident participation in design is a natural extension of this property’s history.   Castle Square Apartments has a unique resident-driven history.   In the mid-1980s when the property was about to lose its affordability restrictions, a very active tenants group emerged, the Castle Square Tenants Organization (CSTO), a 501(c)3. CSTO then partnered with WinnDevelopment (Winn) to preserve the property’s affordability.  As primary owner of the property, CSTO continues to be a leader in offering high quality low- and moderate-income housing and services, including job training, day care, youth programs, computer access, and senior services.

Over 150 residents participated in the design of Castle Square.

Castle Square youth were active in the property design.

Design workshops were a common event at Castle Square during the years leading up to construction. During these events, residents prioritized construction goals.