Construction Oversight

Inspections during construction are key to ensuring proper air sealing.  During construction, the third party construction owner’s rep, Pinck Co., is inspecting each apartment and using an air seal checklist to document that they have inspected and approved every air sealing measure installed by the General Contractor.    Approximately 14 percent of apartments will also be randomly blower door tested to verify implementation and effectiveness of air flow control measures.   All subcontractors have also been trained in proper air sealing techniques and how to avoid making more holes than necessary during construction.

Here’s a link to the final air sealing inspection checklist and blower door checklist.

Air Sealing Inspection Apartment Checklist

Blower Door Test Inspection Checklist

Blower door tests and visual inspections of air sealing measures are used throughout construction to assure that air sealing is being installed correctly and that energy savings goals will be met.