Scope of Work

A summary of the Castle Square Deep Energy Retrofit scope of work includes:

Super Insulated Shell (R-40) Exterior super wall insulation utilizing a Kingspan metal panelized system; (R-40) white reflective roof;

(R-5) fiberglass casement windows;

(R-5) fiberglass french doors; and

(R-12) exterior doors on the roof.

Air Sealing Extensive internal air sealing between apartments and the outdoors, and between apartments.
High Efficiency Boilers and Indirect Hot Water Heaters 94.5 percent efficiency condensing boilers and indirect hot water storage tanks in four central boiler rooms with hydronic baseboards in apartments.
Solar Hot Water System Four large solar domestic hot water preheating systems.
Air conditioning Energy Star air conditioners with a 7800 Btu/hour cooling capacity and a 9.9 EER.
High Efficiency Appliances Energy Star refrigerators.
Lighting CFL or LED lighting in hallways, lobbies, kitchens, baths, and exterior walls.
Water Fixtures .5 gallon per minute (gpm) lavatory aerators, 1.5 gpm kitchen sink aerators, 1.75 gpm showerheads, and flushometers to retrofit existing toilets.  If a toilet needs to be replaced, we use a 1.3 gallon per flush toilet.
Ventilation Renovation of existing exhaust ventilation system utilizing Aeroseal technology and Constant Air Regulator (CAR) Dampers. Installation of fresh air trickle vents.